Our analysis is your

Let us do the hard math analysis of a situation so that you can make clear risk adjusted decisions about what to do.

Due Diligence Analysis

We use private detectives and every legally available database to find out who you are doing business with.

Analysis of Financial Documents

Our team of CPAs, accountants and auditors can vet any situation.

Analysis of Business Models

Our Harvard and Wharton MBAs can assess any M&A opportunity using a full SWOT analysis.

Analysis of Market Competitors

Let us deep dive into your entire business sector, looking for golden opportunites.

Total consulting services
Full Service Analysis
We are a consultancy like no other

Think of us as a consultancy for all types of situations around the world. We help depose or install dictators, provide full impact assessments of the policies of ruthless oligarchs and overview analysis of how to influence Davos Man without him even noticing.

Media Impact Work

Get your message into the mouths of news anchors around the world.

Communications Planning

Get the world talking about your topics in the way that you want.

Move The Overton Window

Get national and international policies moved towards your goals by shifting public perception.

Seed Your Big Ideas

Have the world thinking that what is good for you was actually their great idea!

Data Creation Services

Have a friendly professor provide independent analysis and intellectual weight to your ideas.

Total immunity from responsibility

Leave no footprints and complete your work with completely clean hands.

Our analysts are yours
Get them working for you!
We are not a staff made up of MBA bean counters

Look at this guy - does he look trustworthy to you? No, of course not. That is why we hired him to conduct our analysis in emerging economies.

For the more creative business analysis projects, across borders and laws, we help with:
  • Total confidentiality guaranteed
  • Analysis of local and geostrategic political situations
  • Analysis of local and national government business policies
  • Delivered to you in a brown paper bag
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What our customers say
We are superstars!
It's cold where I am and FEGR always come to my rescue with warm words and analysis.
Celina Martin Business Analyst
Every time that I need to investigate a new target for some undercover business work, FEGR come to my rescue.
Jason Bourne Man of Mystery
FEGR helps me to analyse big and small companies that operate or are based in Asia.
Wanxin Hi Chue Business Owner
Our Analisys is Your
Work With Us
We have a team of business superstars